Willy ChavarriaComment

Designer Johnny Diamandis and Palmer Trading became great friends as well as great fans of one another work around the same year we both started our business. That was 2010 when his brand J. Panther Luggage Co. took form.

When you first take hold of a J. Panther bag, there is an immediate luxury distinction. The smell of the Horween leather, the beauty of saturated canvas and the solid brass hardware make them distinguished and beautiful to hold. But when you own a J.Panther bag, you realize the incredible sensibility and attention to detail Johnny has personally instilled in each piece. As an active New Yorker and regular international traveller, Johnny has tested every practically you can think of be it riding a bike, taking a flight, commuting to work or vacationing.

There is both a masculinity to his work and an elegance. Which makes it a perfect match for Palmer Trading. All J. Panther luggage is manufactured in New York and in Connecticut.

The brand was launched 5 years ago with the goal of creating something completely new in the mens carrying world. Since then, Johnny’s line of brilliant, cosmopolitan bags has continued to be a beacon of quality and originality in design.

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