An Interview with Luke Wessman

Willy ChavarriaComment

You do your art all over the world. Is there one city or country in particular whose tattoo art you find especially inspiring? With the Internet bringing the world together, it’s hard to choose one place. Most cities are full of artists whose inspiration comes from all over. I must say Japan’s rich history in tattoos has always inspired me - timeless visual stories inked in bold body suits.


Which of the 4 elements is dearest to you? Water! I need to drink more of it, and I grew up surfing.

I think all of your friends would describe you as having an exceptionally kind heart. How do you think you got that way? Born into a poor family rich in compassion taught me kindness and humility.

Which female attribute do you find most attractive? Be honest. And it can’t be the vagina or the ass hole.  The mouth then! Just kidding. I think a woman can possess a type of grace and presence that can wipe out a room of men just by smiling. I think class is sexy.


What was your first tattoo? My first tattoo was my last name “Wessman” accross my back in Old E– it was the neighborhood special. The first and second tattoos I gave were to myself. My older brother got to be my first guinea pig; he got a nautical star in a weird spot. At that moment, I thought to myself maybe tattooing wasn’t for me, haha.

How would you describe the Summertown Inn? The first tattoo speakeasy that I know about. Something new and different in a world of clone tattoo shops.


Watching a sunset, a perfect marijuana cigarette, or McAllen 50 year on the rocks? Sunset AND marijuana?!

Favorite movie (you can only pick one)? Blood in Blood Out aka Bound by Honor is the first that comes to mind. I love movies in general though.

John Waters or John Malkovich? Who are they?


Frank Sinatra or Frank Lloyd Wright? Sinatra. I love architecture but I’m not too up on my architects.  

Dennis Hopper or Dennis The Menace? Hopper

Do you define your work or does your work define you? I define my work. Everything I do comes organically, everything I produce is a reflection of who I am. My work represents me, not the other way around.